Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Surf Websites through web-proxies (Part 1)

Recently i have seen that many people who can’t access websites like orkut and myspace using direct connection/proxies due to ISP restrictions, access it using web-proxies like cooltunnel.com and ghostproxy.com thinking that the data that comes from that site is encrypted, that is why the ISP can’t block it. (this i got from a person when i talked to him)

Let me tell you that the data that comes from those sites is not at all encrypted and the ISPs block sites generally using an Access Control List(ACL). Whenever a user requests a website from a gateway/proxy that request is matched for hit within the ACL and if a match is found an error response is sent back. So, the data from the web-server to your machine is not checked at all (most of the times) only the website name is checked.

Also, the data from your computer to these web-proxies is not encrypted as most of these websites(free) don’t allow secure connections.

Ok! I got it. So, what does it signify? Don’t worry. I will be following it up with another article tomorrow to tell you what it signifies.

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aniscartujo said...

If you use a SSL proxy your ISP only will knew that you are connecting to X ip number, and if the that number is not blacklisted the connection will work... You also can try other types of encryption or hidding methods if you are more paranoid... check aniscartujo secure encrypted proxy, they provide you every type of encryption + encoding (from a web page, without the need of install any software), so you can surf your favorite sites from everywhere without leaving traces...