Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Surf websites through web-proxies (Part 2)

I have already told you the basic of web-proxies. You can read it here. These proxies are only helpful in hiding the actual website.

Compared to the security threats they pose. I think not accessing that website is far better than accessing it.

Hey, what security threats? I have been using these websites for years and nothing has happened. So, you wan’t to know the security threats these sites pose. Ok, will name two of the most dangerous ones.

  1. The purpose of a secure connection is to help people keep there sensitive information(passwords/logins…) hidden. But as i have already told you the information to and from these websites is completely unencrypted standard html format so any time you login using these proxies a person somewhere in the world can intercept your data and steal that information.
  2. The owners of these websites are not that innocent as many people might think. They might be keeping logs and any personal information that you are sending to them might get logged in these logs which is again hazardous as the website owner can look into his logs anytime and get each and every information about you. This is i think the most serious issue.

So, do i suggest you to stop using these proxies? Yes, infact i do. But, to all those to whom accessing the website is more important than keeping personal information personal i suggest that atleast change your password from somewhere you can directly access the website, after you have accessed the website using a web-proxy.

Any comments and suggestions will be most helpful.

Note: I will be writing another article to tell you the easiest and the most sure shot way of accessing these websites from workplace in a secure manner. Hopefully that will be done by tommorow :)

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poomalairaj said...

Thanks a lot for the information. Now i am using TOR and is good.