Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Windows Xp Key for free - Who to blame?

I don't know how many people are there who are stupid enough to post their windows XP keys on the internet. Just doing a simple search like

exposes hundred of keys.
But, are these users really to be blamed?
But i think more then the fault of the users it is the fault of the software makers who included such an information in the report which a simple person can post on the web unknowingly. I think it is the responsibility of the software publishers to keep such information out of these easily publishable documents?
On second thoughts, was it a ploy on the parts of the software developers to provide a free software and steel the keys? Remember, such incidents have happened in the past!!


Vikas Sharma said...

Dont try these cheap tricks for providing links to serials and keys .If you were so thoughtful so then you would not have provided the link .It shows you are also among supporting software piracy.

sandeep said...

do you know what full disclosure is? Security by obscurity is the thing of past. Disclosure are what we have today.