Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Microsoft hackers blog

"Hackers @ Microsoft" is name of a new Microsoft blog officially launched on the website which hosts many of Microsoft's employee blogs. This blog promises to tell us what some of the white hat hackers at Microsoft do. Quoting the blog post...

We employ "white hat hackers" who spend their time pen testing and code reviewing applications and software looking for weaknesses and vulnerabilities so that others don't once we've released that code into the wild. We employ many many smart testers who know more about some of our software then perhaps the architects who designed it. We also employ some of the top researchers in their industry, dedicated people working on the bleeding edge of whats going to be common place in the next 5 or 10 years of computing. So yes, Microsoft does have hackers, and its time to introduce you to some of them and show you what it is, exactly that they do.

Interesting? Well, it has been three days and i haven't seen anything interesting on the blog come up yet. I do hope that hackers @ Microsoft come with a nice article soon.