Friday, June 1, 2007

Google pages you might not have seen.

Here are some interesting pages on google you might have not seen.

Google sets: This page allows you to create sets of similar items with few examples.

Google adsense for domains: This page allows domain registrars to fill up there otherwise empty domain pages with google ads.

Google Valentine: This one is google's tribute to the valentine day and includes the first ever valentine day google doodle. There is also a second page here.

Google Easter: Google's easter holiday celebration.

Google plex: Take a look at how it is inside google plex.

Google stickers: A collection of all the official google banners.

Goolge Holidays: A collection of all the google doodles till date.

Google fanlogos: A collection of logos created by contributors.

Google Search patterns: This is one of the most interesting page at google. This page gives the patterns and trends of all the search queries recieved by google till date. You can even see the summary on monthly and daily basis.

Google Mentalplex: Google played an april fool's joke on it's users back in the year 2000. This page is still there for you to see. You can find a few more of google's jokes here and here.

Google moms:- Google's tribute to moms.

Google hacker: A tribute of google to the hacker culture. Are you l33t? Some of the more miscleneous ones are elmer, bork, kligonand piglatin.

Google Microsoft: Search anything related to microsoft. A few more include BSD, Linux, Mac, US governmentand local search.

Google moon: See the pictures of moon. There is also Google mars.

There are many more unseen pages on google which i will add in part 2.