Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Accessing web mail securely and ads free

When it comes to privacy i am a total freak. Some might reason that perhaps this is because i don't trust my Internet service provider( ISP) and they would be right. I really don't trust my ISP.
Many people are in the illusion that when they are using web mail they are secure and the traffic between their browser and the server is encrypted and the data is safe from prying eyes (I have actually talked to quite a few people who believe this). The data between your browser and the server is not encrypted in any sort of way. The login information might be encrypted in some form of another but never the data. The service in which complete encryption is provide is usually paid. Worried? Don't worry there is a way in which you can use your mail securely and whats more it is completely ads free.
Most popular email service providers yahoo and google (gmail) for example provide you ability to access to your email account using POP. This allows you to access your mail from an email client (outlook, thunderbird etc.) directly and unlike web mail the traffic between the client and the browser is completely encrypted and is very secure. To start using pop all you need is an email client. You can use outlook which comes bundled with every version of windows. Click here to know how to configure outlook to access yahoo and here to configure outlook for gmail. The more adventurous of you people might want to try thunderbird for accessing your email.

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