Thursday, May 31, 2007

Firefox Tip: How to disable auto suggest in the search bar

I always wonder what would be the reason that would make a user to disable the auto suggest feature that exists in the firefox search bar. I have seen these questions asked on many discussion boards and decided to lookup the matter. Disabling auto suggest is a three step procedure in firefox.

Step 1:- Type about:config in your browser's address bar.
Step 2:- Type in the filter bar on the page that loads.
Step 3:- If the value of is true Double click on it to make it value to false.

After following the above procedure the auto suggestion would have been disabled. You can set the value to true anytime to enable the auto suggestion.


Tzarius said...

I always wonder what would be the reason that would make a user to disable the auto suggest feature

For one, it seems to be active even when not using the Google search plugin (thus transmitting irrelevant search terms to Google/Yahoo/etc), and for Two, I simply prefer it not to happen in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this quick How-To. Why mozilla would add something this annoying to such a great app is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Here's a reason..
typing in the beginning of a search 'easiest way to' the first entry is 'easiest way to commit suicide'. It's inappropriate BS like this that makes me hate this kind of feature.

I always wonder what would be the reason that would make someone think that users are incapable of entering their own search keywords.

Anonymous said...

Speed, plain and simple. I know what I am going to type and don't need suggestions from the web. Having to wait a fraction of a second for the search feature to try and figure out what I already know I am typing is infuriating!

Anonymous said...

Not appropriate for Kiosks. :D

Anonymous said...

I hate being bothered when I'm trying to type something. I already know what I'm typing, I don't some annoying distracting pop-up to suggest the stupidest crap to me.

We are Firefox users, I had thought that one reason we all switched to firefox is because it's better at blocking pop-ups than IE is, so why would we want a this pop-up?!?!

That's why....

BTW, thanks sandeep for this how-to!

netjustin said...

If I search poorly, I get poor results. No need to get poor suggestions for every character in my search. Besides, it's insulting to have everything I enter corrected while I am still entering it.

Zic said...

In answer to "I always wonder what would be the reason that would make a user to disable..."

Yes, auto suggest it awesome. Problem? Here at work, we have a very persistent web filter thing. I don't know if it's a proxy server or what, all I do know is that every hour or so, the next time I perform *any* action in firefox that would require establishing an Internet connection (in other words just about anything) it pops up a box demanding my user name and password.

Now, if I'm requesting a web page in the normal manner, then once I type something into the box (doesn't have to be my actual work username/password), then the web filter thing will be satisfied and it will leave me alone for another hour.

However, if the web filter thing is demanding username/password and I'm currently typing in the browser search box, then for every two or three characters that I type, the web filter username/password box appears and focus shifts to it. And it doesn't matter how many times I press OK, it will come back again with the next few characters typed into the search box. The only way to make it go away would be to *open a web page via the address bar or click on a link*. But if I have to do that, then I may as well just *browse* to and search from there.

So... basically, where I work there's a web filter that intermittently *cripples* the browser search box beyond usability. I'm going to try disabling the search suggest so that I can regain the ability to use the search box for its intended purpose.

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