Friday, April 20, 2007

Computerworld to launch Tech Blogs Network With Ad Revenue Sharing

ComputerWorld, the famous web magazine is going to launch a new service by the name of Tech Dispenser later this month.

Unlike the existing tech news aggregators which use automatic analysis and proprietary algorithms to choose the articles which appear on the site , Tech Dispenser editors will pick and choose technology blogs to be included and indexed by their service. The editors will also review and highlight selected posts from these blogs.

Content from selected bloggers will be displayed on the main aggregator website. Like Techmeme, Tailrank or Megite, only the blog post title and short excerpts will be shown and visitors will have to visit the underlying blog to read the full post.

Tech Dispenser will ask participating blogs to insert an ad snippet (from Adify) on their site and the net advertising revenue generated from these online ads will be spilt 50/50 between Computerworld and the blogger. [Adify ads are generally CPM based]

Tech Dispenser is currently accepting applications from all English-language blogs regardless of location. Payments for advertising can be made in US Dollars, Euros, or Pounds Sterling.

Text and image ads will appear in a standard 160x600 "skyscraper" unit in the location of your choice. When there are no ads in our system, you can set a default through Adify (i.e. your Google Adsense ads) to run in this spot.

More can be read here